Sunday, June 11, 2017

New favs - pulchinella poppies. So lovely.

Lots of time and energy watering and irrigating last week. Whew.

Yikes, but one out of 7 ain't bad.

And just like that it was gone.

Heya friends,

We have flowers...eee...just a few, but the field is getting ready to explode. Especially now that we had some rain this morning. Accompanied by hail and really strong winds which we'd rather not, but the rain felt good to us and the dry ground. Some of our friends around here just got shredded by strong, strong winds and big hail, and we just feel them in our hearts. Ugh. This isn't easy. 

HPF made out okay - we lost one tunnel that wasn't put together really well, and some of the flowers that are bigger are battered, but they'll make it through. The blooms are just on the edge, so we'll see how they come through.

Our perspective has changed since last year, and it feels good. This storm was big and strong, but short-lived, and we're grateful. 

Thank you all for supporting us through thick and thin last year. We're super excited for this season with more flowers than ever, and new markets, and really, the local flower scene is generally starting to blow wide open. It's exhilarating. 

We may have a few bouquets on this Friday, June 16 and will be in touch. CSA and all regular deliveries will begin Tuesday, June 20. I'll send an availability this week.

Our family has taking a little time to rest after the starter plant madness and before the flower bliss. We've eaten some treats and just hung out together. It's been good.

Here we go. Thanks for being with us on this glorious ride.


My "beginning of the farm season" glamour shot with my sweet pup, Meeki.
She's tired because staying out of the flower beds is a lot of work.

Outtakes because so. many. kisses. 

Papa and E chillin'.

This child we love. Photo credit Kristina Larson.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sweet new trees are thriving!

Mike's been driving school bus for the local communities, and can drop off the kids and bring the bus back to our place to work until he has to go pick them up again. E thinks it's super cool.

Hello friends!!

Oh my goodness, May has flown by. We sold some plants to our Co-ops, and planted some plants, had some more trees, and weathered some rain, and admired some AMAZING sunsets and cloud formations. Friends, neighbors and family have helped us immensely.

FLOWERS IN TWO WEEKS OR SO!! Eeee. We're pumped. 

We'll keep you up to date on availability with emails in the next few weeks.

Every month has its failures, and successes. Small family business, and farming, and well, life in general, often do. Perhaps one of our greatest successes this month, or at least one we feel really good about, is the strengthening and widening of our relationships with our neighbors out here. We can see first hand the poverty of rural communities, and the wealth, and we're glad to be bringing new business, and life to join the other farm businesses here. Two of our young neighbors are working for us a bit, and one of our older neighbors is helping us plow, and manage the land we realized we own through a land survey this winter. Even though our methods, and maybe, politics, may be different from our neighbors, we're finding commonality in our shared desire to make community out here, and a living, and that we do it through work. Our commonality is the love of the work. We all like to work with the land, and we appreciate each others' work ethic. That has been a wonderful realization.

I could say so much more, and have so many feels, but just that for now so I can get back to work. :)

EAT LOCAL FARM TOUR, July 15, 10am-4pm. We'd love to see you here!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April has been FULL...of plants, and helpers, and sunrises and sets, and rain, and new chickens in a bright yellow new coop, and plants, and plants and plants. We have so. many. plants. Goodness gracious. Next week is our first delivery, and if you shop at a the co-ops in the Twin Cities, you can bring them to your happy home in time for a beautiful Mother's Day week.

Broccoli is in the ground, and flowers later this week. First flower deliver beginning of June, and food following soon after.

We can't wait to start delivering, and seeing more of your lovely faces. 

Humble Pie Farm Work Day!!
Saturday, May 27, 10 AM - Noon

We'll have coffee, pastries, and lots of dirt to play in.
You'll have play clothes, shoes, and a smile.
We'd love to see you, please come. RSVP by email.