Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy almost spring, dear HPF friends!

As I type Mike is setting up the boiler in the greenhouse so we can start seeding tomorrow. We ordered plugs of some of our longer bloom time flowers this year so we wouldn't have to fire up the greenhouse until after the conference that we attend every year at this time. Once the greenhouse gets going, especially when it's still chilly and snowy, we have to stay nearby to adjust the temp and such as needed. Smaller baby plants are needier just like humans. :)

Brand spankin' new plastic makes for happy plants!

Little house inside larger house with heated tables.

Boiler fired right up - it's more efficient to heat tables than the air.

King of the potting soil mountain!

Happy ladies got some treats leftover from the conference. Yuuumm.

I had the honor of presenting on Growing and Marketing Organic Cut Flowers at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference this year. It was great to connect with other flower growers, and talk about my favorite things with others who love it too. Christine Hoffman, Twin Cities Flower Exchange and Foxglove Market, was my co-presenter. We had a mostly full house with lot of good questions, and interested folks. It was good. 

Laurie of Laurie Schneider Photography took these photos and shared them with us. She's wonderful, and amazingly talented.

The conference marks time for us - it's the last hurrah of the winter and this week is about gearing up to plant seeds and farm this season! We have a few CSA flower shares left, and we're booking a few choice weddings...please be in touch if you're interested. 

Other than that, we're just gearing up for another season of tons of beautiful flowers in the retail mixed bouquets, and more single variety bunch choices and wholesale florist blooms. Happy starter plants are on their way, and some delicious veggies, all that we will have CERTIFIED ORGANIC this season. WOOT!

Please be in touch with questions, or just to connect. We miss you during the off-season, and look forward to seeing all your lovely faces soon.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Hello friends!

We are so thankful for your support this year. It's been the fifth year of our farm business, and the first that Mike and I were both able to be on the farm mostly full-time. It was amazing.

And crazy, and all the wonderful things that farming, working for yourself, on a dream, are.

We put out so many more flowers than ever before - doubled last years' numbers.

We're tired and ready to take a break, process this busy year, and plan for next. More of it all next year - our third on this little piece of ground - starter plants, flowers and veggies. We'll be back in the greenhouse in the beginning of February nursing some babies.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn't do it without you.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

photo credit Claire Campbell 

Dear friends,

We're coming off a couple of weeks of weddings every weekend, and there's the heat. Woofdah. It's so hot. Anyway, it's been a full September, and we look forward to cooler temps and quieter days. 

This week, Tuesday, September 26, is our last CSA delivery! How did that happen? It's almost October.

We've loved making your bouquets this season, and hope you've loved them too. Please be in touch if you have have questions, and feedback. If you'd like to sign right up for next year, you can do so online here. We've changed our options a bit, so if you don't see what you need, shoot me an email.

Thanks ever so much for all the ways you support us. 


Saturday, September 9, 2017


Woofdah! We've had a couple of big weeks here at HPF.

Our dear 2nd year employee Sarma is moving on to other endeavors. We wish all the best things, and miss her, and know we'll see her again.

Three weddings down in two weeks, and a whole lotta mixed bouquets and other flowers came out of the field, into the pack shed, and into homes and other sacred spaces. Yay!

Our big kid went to his first week of preschool. Sigh...and yay! 

Life is such a mixed bag, or bouquet, isn't it. :):)

The fields, and views are looking and feeling fallish for sure. Brr, cold mornings. We'll have kale flowers, grasses and broom corn, more lisianthus, celosia, and some heirloom mums in the mixes in the next few weeks.

We have a sunflower shortage coming up due to some opportune voles and the cool weather. The next planting is mostly a bust, and the one after that is slow, but coming.

Hope you and yours are well. Happy fall!


And, soon, we'll do more of this. Oh her squishy face is so sweet.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Warm greetings!

Just looking back at these photos from the week - there's been a whole lot of magic around here. So fun.

We had a group of children and parents for a flower fun day. It was wonderful. Those of you who know my elementary ed teacher heart, know that I miss teaching, and just hanging out with children. Truly we have so much to learn from them. They just know things that we don't, and we would be wiser to listen and observe harder. Anyway, it was a great day, and the chickens have never felt so loved. :)

The eclipse was super cool, and we're so glad to have experienced it. I loved the shadows the most. 

The pollinators that continue to populate our field are diverse and many. Even compared to last year, we have so many bumblebees and butterflies, and dive bombing hummingbirds. It's awesome.

And the flowers continue to delight. We cleaned a bunch of garlic this week too, and harvested watermelons. 

The cool weather will slow us down a little, but we also have some new fall fare in the ground and on its way. Stay tuned for lovely lisianthus, celosia, kale flowers, lilies, broom corn, and if we can talk really sweet to it, the eucalyptus might finally make an appearance. :)

Happy last week of August!


Friday, August 18, 2017

Hello dear HPF supporters,

I"m feeling grateful this morning for the opportunity to do this work; for our strong bodies that just keep going, our tired minds that are often on auto-pilot these days, and our hearts that drive it all.

And for you all; your hearts and minds, that inspire you to choose products locally and sustainably-grown by people you know. The choice is not small. The ripples are wide.

We had a quote this week, on what it would take to install solar panels on our farm. We use a relative lot of electricity to power our greenhouses, and cooler, not to mention the dryer to wash all our very dirty clothes! Who knew the dryer took so much energy?! We're going to look into funding, but it's quite a bit of money up front. 

Anyway, the great sales guy showed us these infographics with numbers attached on what we would save in energy and fossil fuels. (I'm a sucker for a good infographic!) It's amazing what the greater impact would be just by converting our little farm to solar. 65% of Excel's electricity is produced through coal-burning with coal from Wyoming. Between the travel and the coal-burning, it's pretty impressive what would be saved.

Every choice we all make for seemingly little changes in our day-to-day lives combine into big impacts. It's so cool.

It's been a wet week. It's supposed to dry out this weekend, and the flowers will appreciate that.

We've put out so many more flowers this year than ever before, and it's been awesome. But, with the time and energy put into that, we haven't been able to give our broccoli and watermelons the attention they need. Combined with the challenges of growing on 2-year transitioning farm land, it's really affected the quality and quantity of our produce this year. We're sorry for it. Every year is a learning experience, and it takes another year to adjust, make changes and grow again. Next year will be different. 

This year has been about the flowers. Next year we'll give more attention to, and with improved soil, our produce will flourish too.

We thank you ever so much for your continued support! Have a great week!


Friday, August 11, 2017

 Hiya friends!

Below is a photo of us on a quick watermelon break at about hour 7 on Thursday, our biggest order day ever in the history of HPF. WOOT! It was intense, but really awesome.

Thanks for your orders, and for representing our product so well. We appreciate you all!

Truly the high summer bounty is here. And the cooler weather has slowed some things a bit, but feels so good.

Enjoy the weekend!