Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hello dear HPF supporters!

Well, we've made some progress from freezing and windy and rain deluges, to 85 and sunny and boom! The new normal as our climate changes gives us one definite - EXTREMES! Woofdah. It's intense out here. Evermore important to support your local growers. - as you all do! Thanks a million!

Finally, the sun is shining!!!

We delivered a whole bunch of plants. This fuzzy pic is me, my wingman, and our little wingdog. We had our Auntie's shitzu staying with us for a coupld of weeks, and he fit right in.

We have a few blooms coming out of the field that will go to florists because we don't have enough for the retail markets. Retailers - we'll have flowers for you that last week of June if the sun shines, and the 80+ degree weather continues. It's a sloooowww season given the cold and gloomy conditions, but we seem to be picking up this week.



Mostly now, we've been planting and planting and planting, and playing in the mud kitchen, and taking a few breaths in between starter plant season, and field and hoop growing season.

Thanks to the Lakewinds Organic Field Fund, we were able to order a whole semi of black gold - fresh, sweet compost for our fields. We've been repairing the soil, and building fertility since we moved here four years ago, and this is something we've wanted to add for years. WOOT!

We're looking forward to seeing your faces as we start delivering in a few weeks! Happy June!

xxoo J,M+E, your HPF farmers

Saturday, March 9, 2019

All the photos in this post are the work of Barbara O'Brien - she came to visit this summer along with our home school friends. She's an amazing artist!  (We thought you could use a little summer).

Heeeyyyy friends!

Streeetch! That's me, flexing my unused blogger muscles. :) I'm going back to my roots. We tried Mail Chimp last year, and it has benefits for sure but I prefer a good old-fashioned blog. 

It's been (and still is) a long, long winter. But we promise spring will come sooner than later, and we have plant babies in the greenhouse to prove it. 

We're plowing snow like crazy, and hustling hoses and frozen potting mix and flats in and out of the cooler/insulated seeding room and greenhouses. Farmer Mike finally put an 8 foot tall flag on the water hydrant, as we've already lost it in the 6-foot blowing snow drifts twice. :)

This year feels good coming upon us. Our 7th year of farm business - woot!

We're blessed with the gifts of greater wisdom and experience, and they come in handy. Farm business is risky. Farming in the new norms of climate change is very risky. We put up a new, beautiful plastic covered hoop house and greenhouse this year. While we need it so badly, we've been scared to do it because of the increasing winds and storm events and now, heavy snow. But the bottom line is that we can't continue to do what we do without a better set-up, so we take these steps in faith. That the storms will be gentle, our houses strong, and if we do have damage, our skill set and resilience help us to take next steps to problem solve and begin again. So it goes in farming, and all of life.

One of the things I love so much about the "farming food and flowers lifestyle" is the seasonality of it. We can hunker down and rest during the winter season, so that we can emerge in spring with our strong bodies, rested minds and renewed resolve to farm like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

We're offering certified organic bedding plants, watermelon and garlic this year! And our flowers will continue to be farmed with organic practices, but we chose not to certify them directly because it's too complicated, expensive and not practical for our purposes. 

Hope you're all very well - we'll see you very soon!

J,M + E

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Well, we're all still smiling, mostly! It's the end of September just like that, and we are ready to rest. To be honest, it's been a long, hot, dry, weather-extreme season, and we're ready for a break. We're so grateful for your support, and the flowers and good food that we've enjoyed from our fields. Now we'll take a break as we do, sleep and sit down more, and plan for next season.

Thank you, CSA members, for your loyal support. We appreciate you so very much. Until next season!

Retail buyers and restaurants, we'll have a couple more weeks of limited blooms depending the approaching frost. We'll keep you posted.


Friday, July 27, 2018

Why it matters that you're choosing farm field-grown, organic flowers...

Those pretty flowers above are field-grown without chemicals. They came to life from mostly organic or at least untreated seeds, in organic potting mix made from cow manure and peat moss and vermiculite, a very small rock. They were fertilized with fermented fish parts, and organic minerals, and hand-planted in soil that has had cow manure, and cover crop biomass added to it. 

We have no bactericides, or synthetic nitrates or weed or insect killers running into the water supply and residing in the soil on our farm. Insects love these flowers - we leave a portion of them in fields to feast upon. We have giant bumblebees, honeybees, hummingbirds, monarchs and countless other birds and beneficial insects flying around our fields and little piece of land constantly.

Our flowers are hand-harvested into clean buckets with no preservative added except a little non-chlorine bleach residue leftover from cleaning. They are put into the cooler to take out the field heat, and kept there for a maximum of three days when they are put into beautiful, handmade small-batch mixes or single-variety bunches and delivered to stores. Most flowers are delivered within a day of being harvested. So they're really fresh. Depending on how they're cared for, they will last up to three weeks. If their water is not changed, they will die much sooner because there is no bactericide in the water killing the bacteria that builds up from the fresh flowers.

We mostly use kraft paper sleeves because we try to use as little plastic as possible in our farm business. It's one of our tenets. The paper sleeves are also a symbol - they mean that these are happy flowers that you can feel good about. These flowers are grown by a family that cares about the environment, and wants to make it better, and produce a beautiful, quality product that is beautiful and healthy.

Most of our flowers are not produced in a greenhouse or completely controlled environment. They may have a few wind blemishes here or there, and they may have a slight curve in a stem occasionally. This comes complimentary with the "flowers that are field-grown on a family farm with love" package. You're welcome. :) 

Thank you ever so much for supporting our family flower farm. Hopefully you know that when you choose to buy our flowers, you are buying so much more. The flowers are just a vehicle - a part of the process to build healthy soil and water, and beneficial animal life while making a little living for our family. That's what you're buying when you choose our local, field-grown flowers. Health for the land and the people. Way to go. We love you!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hey Friends!

We've been delivering plants like crazy these last two weeks. Has it only been two weeks?! We are so pleased by the response to the plants! They've been flying on the racks, and we're all so happy to get our hands in the dirt.

We've also been planting in the field every other moment we have. And harvesting the spring bulbs, and the beginnings of the other spring flowers. We hope to have consistent flower deliveries in 2-3 weeks.

Oh, and check out the super fun farm event we're planning! Please put it on your calendar - we'd love to share our farm with you. We'll have wood-fired pizza, and music and of course, flowers, flowers and flowers. And, it's Farmer Mike's 40th birthday that month, so we'll have a little celebration too!


Our new employee Sam is awesome. We all think so. 


Every mama needs a pressure washer for Mother's Day. Right?!

Thursday morning our neighbor's horses broke out of their fence and came to munch on our delicious hay ground. He came to get them and offered this lucky boy a ride. He hopped right up like a pro, definitely not like it was his first time ever on a horse - which it was. All before breakfast!


Flowers in 3 weeks. Eeeeek! Be well!


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hello friends!

The greenhouses are filling up and looking good. We're excited to deliver a few bedding plant flats to stores later this week, then a whole bunch more will go to happy gardens all over the metro over Mother's Day weekend. Yay!

Everything has fared really well considering the April snow and wind. We're grateful for that.

Our soil has dried out nicely, and we've spent the week planting furiously in the field. We will have tulips, ranunculus and anemone soon, but not in time for Mother's Day. Sorry - the long winter didn't cooperate. I'll be in touch as soon as we know better the order-ready dates.

Our new-to-us tractor has made Farmer Mike's life a lot more pleasant. We bought a mini disc plow, and while it's a little light for our clay-based soil, it gets the field prep job done so much faster than the walk-behind BCS. Wowza, what a game-changer.

We're loving this 6th year of farm business - thanks for your support! We can hardly wait to bring you the fruit of our labors so very soon.



Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spring is on the way, we promise. We too, are so over this extended winter business. We've been breaking out the old curtains and blankets to give the babies extra warmth during these single digit nights. Ugh.

At least Farmer Mike is still smiling.

Next week the forecast looks more promising. Today, not so much. Will we get the 10 inches predicted? We have another snow day anyway - no school, and we're breaking out the special art projects and dance parties to keep our spirits up.

Starter plants will be in stores early in May, and we have a some available culinary and medicinal herb mixes, and beneficial pollinator mixes and edible flower mixes too. Let me know if you'd like a few for your lovely floral departments.

Otherwise, we're off to a great start. We have a wonderful new employee - Sam, and Susan and Oma are back on Monday fun-days. We have lots of babies just waiting to see the sun and the fresh soil.

Ranunculus and anemone are tucked in to a tunnel and ground cover with high hopes of Mother's Day blooms. We'll keep you posted.

Sam and Susan rocking it out.

Trying something new with some of the dahlias - presprouting for earlier and more blooms.

Hope you and yours are well. See you sooner than later!

xo J,M+E